Expectations & Assumptions

from by Brian Vaughn

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I shouldn't have to say this, but I can't stand this silence.
And I wonder if you know what i'm going through.
It seems way too common for words and acts to disagree,
But I expected more from you.
I told you so, sitting right there.

What does it say about me [anything?] that I gave you my trust so soon?
You shouldn't have accepted.
You know what you did.

If you understand me, congratulations,
But I want more than that,
And you know where I can be found.
If you want me than pursue me.
If I'm worth it just let it show.

I can handle it.
I'm not afraid of these things.
Ask yourself am I a risk that you will take?
Just what am I to you?
I could be strong.
I could be there for you if you'll only tell me what you've been hiding

Honesty is best.
I don't care if you fall apart- I'll catch you.
But I cannot keep guessing what this silence means.

If you understand me then you should know this.
I am cut off from every one I see, but you.
You reminded me of something- a piece of me that I thought was dead.
So please don't leave.
Don't leave me like I was before.

I'm not desperate.
I'm not begging.
I just wish that you could see the potential in between us.
All the things that this could be.
Tell me what I'm going through [word for word].
You can repeat what I just said.
I don't care.
Just something to remind me that I'm not alone in here.


from My American Guilt, released February 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Brian Vaughn Harrisonburg, Virginia

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